Just what I’ve aways wanted….


Hello my beloved friends and all y’all devotees and members of our precious congregation. I would like to remind you about the many ways in which you can bring joy to all your friends and family…

1. Buy “The New Gospel For The Wayward” the first vinyl release from R.S.S.O.Co. on line from our friends at the VibraShop

2.  Buy “The New Gospel For The Wayward” direct from Sort Cafe & Vinyl Skydebanegade 4 1709 Copenhagen, Denmark

3.  Buy “The New Gospel For The Wayward” direct from Route66 fælledvej 3, København

4. Buy “BELLIGERENT & SOAP BOX” EP’s in digital format direct from the band right here on this lovely site

And thus endeth the lesson.

Have a blessed New Year and a joyous holiday season… Remember to take the time to tell all those in your life that you love and appreciate their presence.

Thank to all the clubs and promoters who gave us shelter during our tour… We appreciate all the love and care you put into your productions.