HARLEM Recordings

24 hrs till the New Release…

Thank you for your patronage…

In 24 hours the digital release of “Anti-Solipsism pt. 1 Creatures” will be available in most countries. For some of our biggest fans in Germany you will have to wait a bit longer.

We have had such a wonderful time working on this record and I personally would like to think of it as a gift to those who would take the time to listen. I am a privileged man indeed to have this life and I pray that all of you feel the same. Through our highs and lows, positivity ebbs and flows but one thing that I knows is still water is where disease grows… So shake it up baby!

There are so many people to thank but there are few more important than our elders who gave us this gift of sound. I could run down a list of all the bands that have influenced me but it would take to long… I will say peace to my brothers in Bad Brains, thank god for Nina Simone, rest in peace john Coltrane… Where would I be without Howlin Wolf, Bukka White and Blind Willie Johnson? Tom Waits lend me a hand and Ali Farka Toure is the man… But even greater then this is my own lineage my mother and father who taught me to live.

Thank you to HARLEM Recordings for our distribution in BENDILUX. Thank you to our new partner NIOSOLUTION our new label in Germany. Thank you to REDBULL Studios Copenhagen for helping us to make this record strong. Thank you to Granny Studios for making us feel at home. Thank you to all the boys in BAZOOKAHOSEN for giving us a chance. Thank you to Jakob Bue for his masterful artwork. Thank you to Johan Rönnow for his wonderful photo’s. Thank you Jens Raadal for his keen and watchful eye. Thank you to all the guest musicians who helped to fill up this massive sound. Thank you to my production partner Roger Mangfaldig Kar Langvik for helping me shape this vision. Thank you to all the boys in the band who have spent countless hours on the road and in the studio away from their homes to breath life into the SOAPBOX community. But most importantly thank you to you the fan our friends who take the time to listen to our message and dance to ours songs may this be our gift to you and we pray it brings you as much joy as it has brought us.


Thank you,


Claudius Gamiel Angeryman Stone (The Bowery Barometer and Plume Wine Poet)