Lets Get Lost!

Taken from “Kicking the Habit” a Review of our show in Zwolle…

Another nice discovery at the end of the afternoon in cafes Near where the American Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. to the example of Tom Waits sultry blues rock from the southern states to smithereens and stores together again tinkering to raw grooves and transverse songs, very passionate sung by frontman ‘Reverend’ itself. In the newly published The New Gospel For The Wayward that just appeared, here is the ‘Shine Shake’ sound all nice and vile raw recorded, live the music sounds a lot more whipping. For the big picture right on stage the band performs in thirties attire and the drummer at the age of an impressive beard. “Gather around my soapbox”, is one of his mantras, and yes, a full bar hangs on his lips, gently swaying her hips and shaking his head at this compelling music.

Read the full review here: LETS GET LOST

use google translate for ya’ll Americanos….

A few snapshots from Erfurt…by Johannes Siebler

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Johannes Siebler


Too Big to Post!

Breaking News….


Java Skull; Jakob Øllgaard & Mark Burer, will be joining us at our send off show at MOJO BLUES BAR in Copenhagen on Thursday April 5th 2012 at 7:00pm Where we will be giving away a few free copies of our new Vinyl Double EP The New Gospel For the Wayward in our customary raffle. This will be our last show in CPH before heading off on tour for the next two months.


So come one come all and don’t miss the call… the New Gospel…”

We’re Off to See the Wizard…

New Vinyl Double EP “The New Gospel For the Wayward”



Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. is releasing their new ep ’Belligerent’ as part of a beautiful and brand new vinyl record. This format – with its ghostly resonances and full-bodied sound – does true justice to the focused energy and juju magic of these 5 new songs.

’Belligerent’ showcases a rawer, stripped down sound that draws the listener straight into a world of ancient blues hollerers, rough swing and African polyrhythms just below the surface of our city streets. These modern tales of abandon and redemption are delivered with a possessed punk swagger that neatly evades any sense of nostalgia and gives this music a thoroughly new kind of swing.

2009 ep ’Soapbox’ included on vinyl release

This record has an additional bonus in that it includes – now on vinyl for the first time – the 4 songs from their acclaimed 2009 ep ’Soapbox’. It is this record, which cemented Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. as a unique, and self- contained universe. Musical medicine men selling ancient mysterious cures for modern ailments – painting a demi-monde of juke joints and speakeasies, conjuring the spirits of fiery preachers and lost sinners into musical tales or as one reviewer so accurately put it ’turning snake oil into a healing balm’. These songs make a perfect vinyl companion to the new, raw sounds of ‘Belligerent’, and showcase the band’s unique identity and show the range and growth of the band.

New Video ’Belligerent’ and Website ’Shineonline.dk’

The superbly shot and edited video for the title track ‘Belligerent’ provides a perfect visual introduction to the band’s style and sound. Looking like a cast of characters from one of their songs, it is a black and white show reel of Suits, Sailors, feathers and fishnet blended with a live performance that perfectly captures that world between morning and night – when spirits walk the world and salvation lies in the here and now.

The new video for ’Belligerent’ is a fantastic addition to what is already an impressive back-catalogue of fine videos showcasing the band’s entrancing live performances at iconic Copenhagen venues such as Andy’s Bar and Jazzhouse.

Check the videos on the newly launched website www.shineonline.dk which is as smooth as their music is raw, providing an archive of photos and history alongside their own rather wonderful writing. This is also where you can listen to and purchase music and more importantly…

…find out when and where you will get your chance to cut loose or be redeemed at one of their legendary live shows

 LIVE: Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. Spring/ Summer Tour 2012

 Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. is coming to a place near you.

This is a tight and practised band and they have a passionate and dedicated live following built over years of memorable shows, good old fashioned entertainment nous and an incendiary sense of performance, elevated to shamanistic levels in frontman Claudius ”The Bowery Barometer”.aka; ANGERYMAN

Get there early for a cure!


Written By: Fergus Murphy


“We have only printed 500 copies. We will try to sell 50 online for our international friends (We will let you know when this option is available) and we will have a few in shops around Copenhagen and Germany. The rest will be sold exclusively at shows So get them while there hot…”



Be the first….

Tomorrow night at LOPPEN we will be giving away a limited amount of free vinyl… Wait just a minute you are gonna have to buy a raffle ticket first! Come on just think about it 20 kr for a 120 kr prize…. Join us @ LOPPEN in CHRISTIANIA Sydomradet 4B, 1 sal 1440 København K Thursday March 15th doors open at 9:00pm

For more information on where to pick up a copy please contact us directly. waxinfo@shineonline.dk


Breaking News….

Sylvester Roepstorff: Clarinets and sax
Rasmus Meisler: Guitars, vocals
Troels Nielsen: Drums
Jenz Koudahl: Percussion, vocals, harmonica, scratch
Mikael Larsen: Guitars
This is the foundation of the of the Juggernaut that is “BAZOOKAHOSEN “…
Bazookahosen was formed by a group of friends in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1998. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds the five band members set out to create their own brand of music and the outcome is an ever changing blend of genres from blues to noise jazz with a gypsy flavor. Their music has been called anything from thrash noir to modern-primitive, wobble jazz and alternative folk-rock. The influences are many and the music is indeed hard to label.
They will be Joining us REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. this Thursday March 15th at LOPPEN in CHRISTIANIA Sydomradet 4B, 1 sal 1440 København K. doors open at 9:00pm

REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. now on tour to support their new EP Belligerent and Limitted Edition Double vinyl EP “The New Gospel for the Wayward” ON SALE April 9th at Blå &  Sort Kaffe &Vinyl in Copenhagen. Or pick up a copy at our show. For more information on where to pick up a copy please contact us directly. waxinfo@shineonline.dk


We have been fortunate to make the acquaintance of  Susie  Reinhardt, who’s radio show “RUMBLE” you can find on BYTEFM. She has played with  dm-bob and the deficits who we were on crypt records and toured Africa with her group HOODOOGIRLS. She gave us a couple spins on her program please take some time to check it out.



Cuckoosnest Cabaret Febuary 24th & 25th at Byens Lys in Christiania

This gallery contains 22 photos.

It was wild, it was exotic, it was all you expect a cabaret to be…


Here are some photos from Karina Tengberg

In the Begining…….

photo by Paul Storey

Photo by: Paul Storey


I slept uneasy so the morning brought trepidation. While packing and preparing for today, my only thoughts were, “This is what all the work was for. This moment, heading out on tour.” But in truth all I felt was fear….

-May 19th 2011

A friend recently told me that they produced art to give to the world,  in hopes of helping other people. I think that sounds just like an artist, a little self involved. I use to say the same thing but the truth is that in this society so much art is a rather selfish endeavor…


This is our new website and blog, our own selfish endeavor. I hope that we can make some friends and have some laughs and enjoy this world while it last’s…