Lets Get Lost!

Taken from “Kicking the Habit” a Review of our show in Zwolle…

Another nice discovery at the end of the afternoon in cafes Near where the American Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. to the example of Tom Waits sultry blues rock from the southern states to smithereens and stores together again tinkering to raw grooves and transverse songs, very passionate sung by frontman ‘Reverend’ itself. In the newly published The New Gospel For The Wayward that just appeared, here is the ‘Shine Shake’ sound all nice and vile raw recorded, live the music sounds a lot more whipping. For the big picture right on stage the band performs in thirties attire and the drummer at the age of an impressive beard. “Gather around my soapbox”, is one of his mantras, and yes, a full bar hangs on his lips, gently swaying her hips and shaking his head at this compelling music.

Read the full review here: LETS GET LOST

use google translate for ya’ll Americanos….