Anti-Solipsism Tour Spring 2014 (Tales from the road)…

A story in image…

Here you will find a detailed outline of our Anti-Solipsism tour day by day photos taken by us of our life on the road. It’s about the people we meet and the wonderful things we see… We will be updating it as regularly as we can (except when where in the mountains like now, not much for internet service up here!)

So check back often… Thank you all for the good times!

Day 1 overnight train to 26.05.2014 – Freiburg, DE



Day 2 Black forest mystic mountain hop… In the town of Freiburg 27 – 28.05.2014 – Freiburg, DE


Day 2 Sojorn…. Getting into game shape…. The road to self 28.05.2014