Roger Langvik

“Anti Solipsism pt. II Totems & Familiars” comes to life…

Producers Gamiel  “ANGERYMAN” Stone aka Claudius Pratt  and Roger “Mangfaldig Kar” Langvik aka Grand Prêtre Flaneur were back in the studio to finish production on the “Anti-Solipsism” series they recorded with REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. and Kristian Karl of REDBULL STUDIOS Copenhagen was on hand to get their story. 

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“Anti Solipsism pt. II Totems & Familiars” is the second half of the Anti Solipsism collection and with it the full picture of “The Creature” comes to life. The project started in September 2012 and was recorded live in one day in the old Härlanda prison in Gothenburg, Sweden.  The perfect place to explore feelings of isolation and extreme egotism. You can listen to “Anti Solipsism pt. 1 Creatures” here: ‎and you can buy it on iTunes or directly from the band here:

We are going back into the Studio

Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. enters the studio for the third time, this time to record their first full-length album. This project will be a first in many respects. For the first time their self made vanity label SOAPBOX MUSIC will be collaborating with Roger Langvik and his independent label Ein Mangfaldig Kar, as well as Hans-Joachim Hanke of off label records.

The album itself will be recoded live as per their usual routine but this time they will play to a select audience in “Fangelset” an old prison in Gothenburg. The recording venue is the old sentencing room…

Look out for photos videos and other surprises to come from their sessions and don’t forget their on going tour promoting their current album BELLIGERENT and special edition vinyl The New Gospel for the Wayward.

Full Press Release to come