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The Bowery Barometer & Plume Wine Poet –VOX- “ANGERYMAN”

Band Photo by Anders Graver





When asked about minstrel shows and the like, most people think of America in the 19th century, lampooning blacks in disparaging ways. Some recall traveling horse and buggy teams peddling miracle medications and other products. Yet others go back even further to the professional entertainer of 12th and 17 century: The juggler, acrobat, storyteller, secular musician and instrumentalist. But I will tell you a tale of magnanimous proportion that will expose the true origin of the minstrel.

See, the minstrel is older than time, for the minstrel is time and timekeeper. Let us examine time: “the Swiss manufacture it, the French hoard it, Italians squander it, Americans say it is money and the Hindus say it does not exist…” Replace the word time with God or the Devil and you would probably find the same attitude from each of the respective cultures. These Archetypes (Time, God & the Devil), these icons and symbols are all gifts from the “MINSTREL”, for he is the Great storyteller, the first storyteller, who sang the world into existence. Go to Africa now and you will see him sitting there in a cool earthen room pounding his rhythm out on a gimbrie singing his story, the oral tradition.

We at REVEREND SHINE’S SNAKE OIL Co. were born into this same tradition and have come to spread the light, cooking up food for thought in our Soul Kitchen and Spreading the word through our medicine show, selling our elixir everywhere we go. We are a Flea Circus of Magicians, Court Jesters, Musicians and Storytellers.
The Plum Wine Poet


The true origins of REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. are shrouded in hearsay and conjecture. It is however a story to be told and as the name suggests, it is anything but simple…

Moving from their native New York to Copenhagen, Claudius Pratt and song writing partner Justin Moses Gunn founded REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. in 2007.They are joined by Martin Ollivierre on bass, Matthias Klein on drums

Primitive & grounded, folk-tales connect seemingly disparate genres into a single curbstone philosophy “SOAP BOX MUSIC”.  Converging African polyrhythms with punk-rock dissonance. Combining swing, rock-steady and rhythm & blues… Sarcastic and sentimental; Agitated and serene… R.S.S.O.Co. is a throwback to the Negro spirituals and the American folk tradition. They too are a salute to advertising and commercialism- raised together, like traveling horse and buggy teams, peddling miracle medications and their sundries to a stripped and intimate pulse.

Richard Alexander

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·       2007
·       Recording the “SOAPBOX Ep” at GRANNY STUDIO with Thomas Brekling, Peter Forsberg and Steve Falconer.
·       2008
·       Featuring role in the independent film “En Sang For København”
·       Photo shoot with Editorial & Fashion photographer Jens Astrup
·       Photo Shoot with fashion photographer Mikkel Bache
·       Featured on the front cover of POLITIKEN SPECIAL JAZZ EDITION, JAZZFEST.
·       2009
·       Opening night and Primer Private Screening of: ’The Devilles’ at Empire Bio for the Copenhagen DOX International Film Festival. Produced by: “COPENHAGEN BURLESQUE in collaboration with CPH:DOX and SF FILM PRODUCTION
·       Showcasing at Copenhagen Jazz Festival
·       The production of “YOUR SAVIOR” video with Director Anders Graver filmed live at the Copenhagen Jazz House
·       2010
·       March 13th 2010 “THE DIVINE SERVICE OF REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. & Premier of the MARKET PLACE” A sold out performance at Copenhagen JAZZHOUSE
·       Touring with the FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALS
·       2011
·       The shooting of “FAREWELL ALL GOOD PEOPLE” the third video from a series of small films by Anders Graver.
·       The HOPELESS SINNERS TOUR through Germany and Denmark documented and filmed by Anders Graver.
·       Interview with Nanna Mogensen for KBH magazine
·       Recording of the second EP “Belligerent” recorded and engineered by Boi Holm & HH Praestbro
·       Collaborating with photographer and visual artist Kajsa Gullberg for the design and publicity campaign of their up coming EP “Belligerent” and “the New Gospel for the Wayward” LP.

·       The Filming of “the gospel for the wayward” the accompanying visual narrative to the songs “Lay With Me, MODERNMAN and Belligerent” Directed by Meeto Worre Kronborg Grevsen.
·       The release of “Belligerent”  the second Ep from R.S.S.O.Co.
·       Interview with Huey Morgan on BBC 6
·       Touring London with show at Blues Kitchen on Camden High Street
·       2012
·       Sold out show in Leipzig Germany to 300 fans
·       Live radio interviews & performances for “Radio Eins” and “flux fm” Berlin
·       First sessions for the Third record from R.S.S.O.Co. In collaboration with EMK label of Sweden. Recorded in Fangelset an old prison in Gothenburg.
·       Playing live for 300 guests and a television audience numbering in the thousands for the “Die radioeins Radio Show”.
·       2013
·       Over 50 shows in Europe with BUKTA FESTIVAL in Norway as a highlight. 6000 people capacity … Bukta Tromsø Open Air Festival is an annual outdoor rock festival held in Tromsø, Norway. opening for “The HIVES”
·       2014
·       Orange Blossom Special Festival, named best small festival by Rolling Stone Magazine
·       Headlining performance in Amsterdam (Holland) at the world-renowned “Paradiso” venue.
·       Performance at “Traumzeit Festival” in Duisburg, Germany.  Who’s past events featured artists such as The Editors and CocoRosie.
·       Headlining at “Umsonst & Draußen” festivals in Würzburg one of Germany’s biggest summer festivals
·       Headlining the second stage at Burg Herzberg Festival, drawing 15.000 people.