Roger Langvik & Isabel Ordoñez Pizarro

The Making of “Creatures…Anti-Solipsisim prt.I”

Sentencing time and their eyes are static like sketches drawn from coal…


REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. enters the studio for the third time, this time to record their first full-length album. After four years on the road and countless shows the band has gained the necessary leverage to garner the co-operation of a second independent label. SOAPBOX MUSIC in partnership with Ein mangfaldig kar (EMK) will release this first act in the newest conceptual album by REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. This will be the first full collaboration from these two independent companies. Joining the team as a distribution partner will be offlabel records check out both of these fine lables for more great music.

The album will be released in two parts. The first act “Anti – Solipsism prt. 1… Creatures” is taking shape with the help of their new partner label EMK in Sweden.Here are some photos from the recording sessions in Sweden and Denmark….


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