Solipsism (i/ˈsɒlɨpsɪzəm/; from Latin solus, meaning “alone”, and ipse, meaning “self”)[1] is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. As an epistemological position, solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one’s own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known, and might not exist outside the mind. As a metaphysical position, solipsism goes further to the conclusion that the world and other minds do not exist. extreme egocentrism!

What is Anti-Solipsism?

When I was in college and studying religion at one stage I began to delve into Hinduism. My professor at the time had this to say about “Western thought”…I am paraphrasing here so bare with me: “To be or not to be… What a stupid question… We are or we are not, now get on with it!”

He prefaced that by saying “Western philosophy asks the wrong question”. It shows it’s own immaturity by denying the basic truth of our existence… Some have even gone on so far as to say this was a convenient way of explaining away the atrocities we as a society are able to commit… But that is a very long conversation.

Anti-Solipsism is my attempt at putting others needs ahead of my own. I grew up in the “me” generation and I know my own selfish ego. It seems to me all that is wrong with the world comes from our extreme selfishness. It is as if we fear being left out, as if there will be nothing left if we do not attempt to take it all, first. How can we hope to build a future if we lay claim to all of existence in perpetuity? Thereby defining that which is meant to be immeasurable.

All this leads me to a great experience I encountered on the road with our band. Our second night in a hotel was spent in Augsburg at the GRANDHOTEL COSMOPOLIS. We had stayed there a year ago when it was under construction. At the time I was under the impression that it was an artist collective. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Upon our return I found this hotel still a bit of a work in progress but the scope of their vision had broadened to such an extent that I can only do it justice by letting them explain it in their own words…

Here are some quotes from their project description:

The GRANDHOTEL COSMOPOLIS is no ordinary hotel and it does not try to be. It is a place that combines refugee accommodations, artist’s studios and open work spaces as well as a hotel offering culinary and cultural attractions.”



“Everything centers on the human being and our ability to shape and transform the world.”

For more from the Artists and organizers themselves visit their website:

This place is just the type of inspiration I needed, Artist coming together with the local government and the broader community to create a space where all can share and work together. Donations by local business and the labor of volunteers has created a very special place that all in that community can be proud of.


Thank you for the memories and the affirmation of our convictions…

The GRANDHOTEL COSMOPOLIS is the physical embodiment of “Anti-Solipsism” because it is a selfless effort born of the want to share the resources and natural gifts to which we all should have the right.












The Final leg of our Tour

“The New Gospel for the Wayward Tour” comes to a close

REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. has been on tour for the last two years promoting their self-released LP, “The New Gospel For the Wayward”. Originally released on their independent label SOAPBOX MUSIC, it will now be released for the first time outside of Denmark by SUBURBAN RECORDS new sub label, HARLEM Recordings.

After playing throughout Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, London and Germany…) with the likes of Pokey La Farge, Hurray for the Riff Raff, The Computers, REVEREND PAYTON’S BIG DANM BAND, The HIVES, Kaizers Orchestra and the Legendary Shack Shakers… After interviews with Huey Morgan on BBC 6 and live performances on Flux FM and Radio Eins and the TV broadcast of “Radio Show” live in Berlin… After introducing the world to their unique self-stylized brand of Afro-punk or as some call it the guttural sound of the underground… Giving us social music for people of fair health and moderate intelligence… Distinguishing themselves as the polyrythemic kings of “Bluerythm-Swing”…They now shed their skins and are reborn… “Anti-Solipsisim pt. 1 Creatures” is their latest release due out in the spring of 2014. So this final leg of the tour will see an end to their first Gospel and will make way for the new… Come bear witness to “the passing” as we make way for the “resurrection”

You can be the first to have the limited edition 7” single. On November 9th REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. will play their final show of the year at Bassy Cowboy Club. It is the last show of our tour and the only show in Berlin this year.


Catch them at one of these venues:

24.10.2013 – DE Dortmund, subrosa
25.10.2013 – NL Den Bosch, W2
26.10.2013 – NL Zwolle, Let’s Get Lost Festival
26.10.2013 – NL Maastricht, Voll Analog! Festival
27.10.2013 – NL Eindhoven, Wilhelmina
29.10.2013 – DE Nürnberg, Pegnitzbühne
30.10.2013 – DE Halle, Hühnermanhatten
31.10.2013 – DE Mannheim, Der Bock
01.11.2013 – DE Stuttgart, Goldmarks
02.11.2013 – DE Göttingen, Stilbruch
03.11.2013 – DE Braunschweig, Hansa Club
04.11.2013 – (Berlin, Radio Eins Interview)
05.11.2013 – DE Jena, Café Wagner
06.11.2013 – DE Chemnitz, Weltecho
07.11.2013 – DE Dresden, Ostpol
08.11.2013 – DE Erfurt, Engelsburg
09.11.2013 – DE Berlin, Bassy Cowboy Club