And away we go….

One of these days… Alice, one of these days… Pow!


And so starts the touring season and I am sorry we have not been keeping up to date… There is so much going on, so much we want to tell you but under advisement from my lawyer I’m not permitted to divulge company secrets… But one thing is for sure we are gonna tour, tour, tour…

We have made so many new friends around the world and we are eager to see you all again and for those of you signed our mailing list and still have not received anything, again we apologize. We hired some young boys from the Bowery they turned out to be such little rascals they did not get anything done…

To our gang in Switzerland… Hip hip hurray… To our comrades in France “Je parle un peu français” and to our most loyal friends in Germany, well we owe you more than we can re-pay and to our cousins in Great Britain, what can we say, we promise to come back some day….


28.02.2013 – DE Halle, Fliese
01.03.2013 – DE Potsdam, Waschhaus
02.03.2013 – DE Hoyerswerda, Kulturfabrik
04.04.2013 – DE Dortmund, subrosa
05.04.2013 – NL Utrecht, dBs + Arman
06.04.2013 – DE Köln, Sonic Ballroom
09.04.2013 – DE Zweibrücken, Gasthaus Sutter
10.04.2013 – FR Strasbourg, Le Mudd Club
11.04.2013 – DE Augsburg, Ballonfabrik
12.04.2013 – DE Weikersheim, W71
13.04.2013 – DE Leipzig, Moritzbastei
15.04.2013 – CH St. Gallen, Rümpeltum
16.04.2013 – DE Heilbronn, Complex23
17.04.2013 – DE Tübingen, Münzgasse
18.04.2013 – CH Basel, Das Schiff
19.04.2013 – DE Frankfurt/M., Orange Peel
20.04.2013 – DE Eibenstock, JIE Club

Check out our good friend Huey and his radio show… He is sending us off proper with a vinyl salute this sunday…


More dates here! Ceck back frequently our site is known to cure “Space Adaptation Syndrome” after all we are all just cosmonauts…


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