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A note from a friend… Help us get into ROSKILDE FESTIVAL!

I revived a note the other day from a friend and he suggested I tell all our fans to help us get into “Roskilde Festival” so I tough, “what the hell, sounds like a good idea.” If you are a friend or a fan you may have noticed we have not been playing Copenhagen so much these days. Well I guess we are saving ourselves, don’t want to ware out our welcome. But if you are hungry to see REVEREND SHINE on the big stage well then maybe you could help us get there.

I thought I would post my friends note too, so here it is:

Hey my man! How are you doing? Today I visited the website of Roskilde Festival and suggested your band to play at the festival as an upcoming band at the junior pavillion. Tell your friends of this possibility. You belong at the festival and to make a break on through to the other side. Best wishes from LP

Here is the link if you want to see us hit the stage….

Who should play at Roskilde Festival 2013