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For immediate release 2014… EUROSONIC Schedule


Press Release January 2014



Label / SOAPBOXMUSIC: reverendshinesnakeoilco@shineonline.dk +45 40 85 97 86
Booking / MAGNIFICENT MUSIC: info@magnificentmusic.de +49 30 428 9013


January 15th 2014 Showcase @ EUROSONIC


The Magic Mirror
Website www.spiegeltent.com/home
Address Vismarkt 16, 9711 KS Groningen
Doors 20:45
Show time 21:15 – 22:00

Meet & Greet:

20:45 – 21:00 Open to media and industry for introductions
22:05 – 30 minute TV interview including 1 acoustic live song for “Rockpalast”

REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. on rotation at Denmarks Radio….

This Sunday on Denmarks Radio “DR P6 BEAT” REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. will enter the playlist rotation….

Sneums Garage” is a program that airs every Sunday on “DR P6 BEAT” from 18:03 to 19:00. DJ/Host Jan Sneum combines Garage Rock in the broadest sense… from psychedelic to noise, junk and pop…

read more about the program here.

Listen live

Jan will be playing “The Candidate” an unreleased track from “Anti-Solipsism Pt.1 Creatures” by Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co.

The Album is due out in the Spring.


Cover Artwork by: Jakob Bue Johnsen

Anti-Solipsism Pt.1 Creatures


REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. & SOAPBOX Music would once again like to to thank the folks at HARLEM RECORDINGS for making us part of their family. See their banner on our site and visit their online shop, you can even order internationally…



Our new partners in Denmark

We would like to take a moment to thank our new partners, Double Vision Events. They will be our new booking agent in Denmark for 2014. Welcome to “the Company”…



The Final leg of our Tour

“The New Gospel for the Wayward Tour” comes to a close

REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. has been on tour for the last two years promoting their self-released LP, “The New Gospel For the Wayward”. Originally released on their independent label SOAPBOX MUSIC, it will now be released for the first time outside of Denmark by SUBURBAN RECORDS new sub label, HARLEM Recordings.

After playing throughout Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, London and Germany…) with the likes of Pokey La Farge, Hurray for the Riff Raff, The Computers, REVEREND PAYTON’S BIG DANM BAND, The HIVES, Kaizers Orchestra and the Legendary Shack Shakers… After interviews with Huey Morgan on BBC 6 and live performances on Flux FM and Radio Eins and the TV broadcast of “Radio Show” live in Berlin… After introducing the world to their unique self-stylized brand of Afro-punk or as some call it the guttural sound of the underground… Giving us social music for people of fair health and moderate intelligence… Distinguishing themselves as the polyrythemic kings of “Bluerythm-Swing”…They now shed their skins and are reborn… “Anti-Solipsisim pt. 1 Creatures” is their latest release due out in the spring of 2014. So this final leg of the tour will see an end to their first Gospel and will make way for the new… Come bear witness to “the passing” as we make way for the “resurrection”

You can be the first to have the limited edition 7” single. On November 9th REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. will play their final show of the year at Bassy Cowboy Club. It is the last show of our tour and the only show in Berlin this year.


Catch them at one of these venues:

24.10.2013 – DE Dortmund, subrosa
25.10.2013 – NL Den Bosch, W2
26.10.2013 – NL Zwolle, Let’s Get Lost Festival
26.10.2013 – NL Maastricht, Voll Analog! Festival
27.10.2013 – NL Eindhoven, Wilhelmina
29.10.2013 – DE Nürnberg, Pegnitzbühne
30.10.2013 – DE Halle, Hühnermanhatten
31.10.2013 – DE Mannheim, Der Bock
01.11.2013 – DE Stuttgart, Goldmarks
02.11.2013 – DE Göttingen, Stilbruch
03.11.2013 – DE Braunschweig, Hansa Club
04.11.2013 – (Berlin, Radio Eins Interview)
05.11.2013 – DE Jena, Café Wagner
06.11.2013 – DE Chemnitz, Weltecho
07.11.2013 – DE Dresden, Ostpol
08.11.2013 – DE Erfurt, Engelsburg
09.11.2013 – DE Berlin, Bassy Cowboy Club


We would like to welcome our new friends to our family and to thank them for taking us in. BUREAU ZWAARDVIS

of Netherlands has taking The Snake Oil Co. under it’s wing to help spread the gospel to parts unknown. Check out their unique roster and look out for more shows to come as our family gets bigger and bigger!



Photo By: Johan Rönnow

REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. is “Spreading the Gospel…”

Now in their first year being represented by MAGNICICANT booking the apostles of R.S.S.O.Co. are writing a new testament to the bible of ROCK & ROLL. They are attracting new converts everywhere they go. Building their audience up one hopeless sinner at time.

Two years ago they first visited Lieptzig, and played to an enthusiastic yet humble crowd of 60 people in Moritzbastei. Upon their return in the spring of 2012, 300 plus eager fans greeted them. These are just a few things that some journalist’s had to say;

“…The drum rhythm is often trickier then it’s driving linearity suggests…The bass is a dark quieter counter point… The quick yet casual flow of the guitar… A Combination so successful as it is traditional… The rumbling, jolts and grooves of a Memphis Train, which begins its journey through the dark southern night… A Reverend inspired by the Holy Spirit and the rhythm of purgatory…The atmosphere Purifies the soul…”

Translated from Leipziger Volkszeitung, written by: Steffen Georgi

They have stepped out of the shadows of the Copenhagen morning bars, where they cut their teeth to the chime of whisky glasses, belligerent sailors and foul-mouthed prostitutes. Selling their own brand of healing balm to the wicked and destitute creatures of this planet. The rhythms have grown more potent and the cries have grown more desperate as they venture out into the greater world and see just how many souls there are that need saving…

Fusion festival was a perfect site for such a mission and there on Saturday June 30th 2012 they put the world on notice… At this festival that holds up and beyond 50,000 souls… They laid waste to the stagnate minds of the non-believers and lit a fire under the collective asses of the established order and brought to their knees the new found faithful… as they pledge their allegiance to the company and drank of the balm that revitalized their souls…. The one the only REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL


News from Kiel…